community - family
We are a community...
...a family of people
We love Worshipping...
...and being in His Presence
The Vision
Locally, Nationally, Globally, to take the gospel to all...
...Moving in the power of the Spirit and growing in our love for God and his Kingdom.
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Welcome to the Flame Community Church!

Just as the name suggests we are a community, a gathering or family of people from different backgrounds, different nationalities, races, men, women, young and old.  We are not perfect, in fact every person that calls Flame home is a work in progress, each with our own faults and failures, but joined together in one mind, one body, one Spirit, and all for one cause…JESUS.

The very DNA of the Flame is to be a Church family of FAITH in God, living in His PRESENCE, His WORD, His WORSHIP, His POWER

We look to share the HOPE and LIFE that we have because of JESUS with everyone around us.  Flame is a place that welcomes people, walks with them, rejoices with those that rejoice and weeps with those that weep…Flame is a safe haven for the broken and hurt to come and find HOPE and LOVE all because that is what JESUS WOULD DO, and all of here from our youngest to our oldest are on a journey to be a reflection of JESUS to the world around us.

Again, Welcome to Flame, why not come and visit, come join us on this adventure, there is space in this family for you…

You’re invited this Sunday

We meet at 10:30am every Sunday & 6:30pm every 2nd Sunday at our building on Cardale Street, Black Heath.

Ever thought there must be more to Life than this? Well there is, and we would love to walk that journey of exploration with you…

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