Our Values

Key to us being all that God has called Flame to be and the Vision He has given us becoming a reality, are the Values that we work with God to foster in ourselves and each other

  • HumilityTowards God, one another and those around us.  This is the fertile ground from which all Good and righteous things will grow, a place of righteous humility.
  • Hunger Chasing after God, His Kingdom, His will in everything we say and do, making Him the Main thing in our lives.
  • Holiness Being a people set apart, devoted to God.  Turning from Sin and those things that lead to it…Being Men and Women obedient to God, His word, His will, imitators of Jesus in everything we do, say and think, in every place we find ourselves, home, work, church, leisure.

As a family we know we won’t always get it right, we are ALL ‘…works in progress…’, but as we do life together and work out the mission we have, and strive to keep within the values we hold to, we know we will be the family and community God has called us to be…Flame is on a Journey, each one of us on our own walk with Jesus and each other…But the message Jesus lived out encourages us, and should encourage you…

Come as you are…

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