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As part of the mission Jesus laid down, we are called to, ‘…Go MAKE disciples of the nations…’, and to, ‘…TEACH them to obey all that I have commanded…’. This means Flame has to be committed to walking with people not just up to a decision to BELIEVE in Jesus, but actually on that whole Journey of BEING a follower, a DISCIPLE of Jesus. This is why we run the Bible Course; the Bible is the source of ALL our knowledge of God, the Who, What, Where, When, Why? So we need to be in it, reading it, studying it, applying it to our own lives, allowing it to TEACH us.

The Bible course doesn’t tell you WHAT to believe, it gives you tools to explore the Bible for yourself. The BIG takeaway from the course will be an understanding of God’s Love, forgiveness and Redemption Plan, aimed at YOU…Whether you are just starting to explore Who this Jesus is? Or taking the first steps into the decision you’ve made to FOLLOW Him. You could be years into the Journey already, it doesn’t matter…The Bible Course will have something for YOU.

The course runs for 7 to 8 weeks and leaves people with a solid flavour of the Bible and the things God is saying in it.  Anyone is welcome to join a course; you just need to put your name forward and ask, and we can discuss the details, getting you on the course that best suits your availability.

You might be wondering what it looks like to be on the Bible Course at Flame. Firstly, it’s not as scary as it may sound – it’s actually quite chilled out and enjoyable. Typically, the Course runs once a week at the church – either during the day or in the evening, depending on people’s needs. Coffees and teas are provided (cake, donuts and biscuits are very common too!). Participants usually sit at tables in groups of seven or so, and each table has a Table Lead to keep conversations flowing and on track and making sure everyone is heard. The session begins with everyone having the opportunity to share how they got on with the weekly readings (5 Bible passages that are given the week before to set the scene) and there is space given to ask any questions arising from the readings, or from the previous session. No one is forced to speak; sitting and listening is fine! After this time of discussion, participants grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and watch that week’s 20-minute video clip

We have another time to answer questions on the video and to discuss anything that stood out. We Grab a refill of coffee and watch the next video clip (again normally no more than 20 minutes), a short time of personal reflection on the video and then the session is ended. Throughout the sessions one of the Flame’s team will be facilitating and ensuring that any questions raised are answered. The sessions normally take about 1 hour 40 minutes, but that really does depend on how many questions get asked, and where conversations go…At times people just don’t want to leave as the subject and conversation is just so relevant to them and the world around…

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