Mission & Vision

As a bible believing, Jesus following Church, we have been called to a mission,

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you

This mission drives everything we do, everything we put on…It drives us to seek to make opportunities for the mission to be worked out amongst us. We have prayerfully put that mission into 3 objectives for Flame;

  1. To Reach the LOST with the Gospel of Jesus where ever they are. 
  2. To Grow in our Love for God, His Heart, His Will, His Kingdom, each other.
  3. To Move in the Gifts of the Spirit in greater measure and intensity – Always focussed on God, used for His Glory and Kingdom alone.

As a church we aim to EQUIP, ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER every member, young and old, who is a part of this family to be able to work out the mission in their own lives but also as a part of the Flame.

As such our Vision statement is this,

Locally, Nationally, Globally, to take the gospel to all, moving in the power of the Spirit and growing in our love for God and his Kingdom.

How does the Vision look in this season? Here’s how our Senior Leader answered.

I believe that something very special is being birthed here by God, a vision that is bigger than we can actually imagine let alone put into words, a place that is filled with the Holy Spirit…

Just Imagine for a moment a family of people, filled with the Holy Spirit, boldly sharing Jesus in their homes, workplaces and the market areas…Taking the Gospel to Blackheath, Sandwell, the Midlands, England, the UK and across the globe…Moving in the power of the Holy Spirit seeing miracles, signs and wonders following them…

Imagine a place where the atmosphere is absolute electric because of the presence of God, where Jesus is preached, the Bible adhered to, and the Spirit is moving unobstructed.  A place where the lost become found, where the sick are healed, where the broken are mended…

That’s the church that God is calling us to be, and we are taking step after step in that direction, are we there yet? No.  But, the adventure has started, we’re not just looking to it, we are walking in it

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