Data Retention Guidelines

It is our intention to keep any data we hold for you for as short a time as possible and as
securely as we can.

As a holder of personal data, we as the church are charged with making a decision on how
long we keep your data and to support this with sound reasoning.

ItemRetention PeriodReason
Staff RecordsKept for 3 years after the staff member has left.Contract
Financial RecordsKept for 7 yearsLegal obligation
Gift AidRemoved from all records after 5 years if you have not given during that time (or beforehand if you no longer qualify for Gift Aid)Legal obligation
Paper Records1) Database forms are retained for the time you are with us at Flame Community Church; previous records are shredded as a new form is received.
2) Letters, not retained
unless there is a lawful
reason to do so.
3) Children’s emergency
contact details and personal
medical information
Every 2 years we will ask for your ongoing consent and update your personal information. The Charity Commission obliges the church to maintain and keep these records as they pertain to membership.

Vital interest( could save a
Digital Records1) Our current church membership records are kept on a secure database. Records are kept for as long as you are attending Flame Community Church or if you ask us to remove you totally or in part.
2) Letters/documents scanned in to the Server. Retained as per the above.
Some information like DBS criminal convictions/ Marriage Register details/ Gift Aid (HMRC) cannot be removed as there is a lawful basis for holding them for the statutory time (or a potential criminal investigation).

Email communicationsEvery 3 months emails that are no longer needed are deletedLegitimate Interest

This policy was written on: 23rd May 2018

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