Life Groups

Our LifeGroups meet regularly during the week and we encourage people to belong to one as they are a great place to live out our vision and values, learning to love one another, living out the gospel of Jesus, together.

When you connect to a Life Group at Flame, you are joining in our desire and effort to build a culture that is humble, hungry for God and Holy. Life Groups are a place where you get to grow in community with God and one another, you get to use the gifts that God has given you, you get to build relationship with God and other members of the Flame family.

As well as exploring the bible, delving into different topics finding out what God directs on them, LifeGroups are great places to build friendships, meet new people, grab a coffee, catch-up with people and at times go out together. Our LifeGroups are encouraged to not only learn together but also do life together…So, expect the odd trip to a coffee shop, or a night out bowling…

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