If you clicked on this page you must be serious about exploring the Flame. So, FIRST of all let us say we are not after your money, we are far more interested in seeing you come to know the transforming love of Jesus and walking in the freedom only life with Him can bring.

Giving at Flame is only for those who call Flame HOME and those who feel stirred by God to support His work here, either regularly or in one off gifts. No one should ever feel under any compulsion or coercion to give…Our giving is a part of our worship, it’s an overflow of our thanks to God for the things He has and is doing in and around us, it can never be forced or for any other motive than worship of God.

As we move forward with the mission God has given us, we like any other organisation have the obvious need of finances to run, because of the groups, the activities, the events we put on, and the people we support. To meet these day to day needs, we look to God who moves our members, and visitors to give to and support His work here at Flame. 

If you are feeling stirred to give financially to God here at Flame, then take a look at these passages from the bible to help to guide you in giving, as you will see they make no mention of amounts, but are more concerned with the heart in which you give, 1 Corinthians 16:22 Corinthians 9:7; 2 Corinthians 8:12.

If God is leading you to give to Him through the Flame then alongside giving during our services via the collection baskets, you can use one of the methods below (bank transfer or via the Givt app). Both of these methods enable one-off or standing orders to be set up.

(If you are a UK taxpayer you can increase your giving by 25% at no extra cost. Simply fill in a Gift Aid Declaration form, for details email )

Flame Bank Details

Bank Account: 


Bank Account Number:


Sort Code:


Please remember to put a reference on your payments to allow us to ensure it is processed correctly.

(Any questions contact )

There is good news for people who don’t carry cash anymore: soon you’ll be able to contribute to the collection using your smartphone. For this you’ll need the Givt app – which you can download at Of course, the option to give cash at the collection will still be available.

Want to give now? Click the Give with Givt button below.

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