There are some things that a woman will only tell her girlfriends, and that is where BELOVED steps in. This is a safe space where women come together to learn together about God, to share together struggles and triumphs…Sometimes that is around a meal, sometimes in a worship setting. 

The Flame recognises that ladies need a space to grow together to be the LIONESSES that God has called them to be for Him, ferocious in their FAITH.  BELOVED meets regularly at least every two months for days out, worship evenings, womens breakfasts, worship conferences etc. As a church Family we value our women greatly and have put in place specific WOMEN’s PASTORS, women who are respected within the Flame as mature followers of Jesus. These women are a part of the steering group for BELOVED and are available for the Ladies of Flame to meet with in confidence and receive biblical and Godly prayer, counsel and support.

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