Sunday is our day for coming together, for worship, teaching, prayer and fellowship. It’s a day where the whole Flame Family joins together under one roof to be EQUIPPED, ENCOURAGED and EMPOWERED. It’s a day when we seek & meet with God together.  You are very much INVITED to join us – get here for 10:30am and then stick around after the service for a coffee.


Our times of worship can be loud and lively, full of life and Praise of God, but also there will be moments of intimacy with God as we worship Him with our songs. Music, drama, prayer, and spiritual gifts all play a part in our services.  If you’re trying to get a feel for the songs we might sing then look to worship music like Elevation Worship, Bethel Worship, Phil Wickham, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Maverick City worship, Jesus Image Worship, of course this isn’t an exhaustive list but will give you a flavour of our worship. We are a family church and therefore we aim to include everyone and encourage everyone to take part.


We are a bible based, Jesus focussed and Holy Spirit led family, what we say from the front of the house always comes from that heart, to keep true to God’s leading and His word (the Bible). Our teaching and preaching may follow a particular theme that the elders believe Holy Spirit has placed on our hearts to speak on over a number of weeks or it could be a one-off subject. 

Again there will be media, drama, prayer used in and as a part of our teaching. Flame is blessed to have a number of speakers all of which have different styles and strengths, this just means that visitors will find someone whose style they can connect to as God speaks through them…It also means it never gets boring!

This teaching and preaching ministry is shared by senior leader Daniel Jarvis, the elders and leadership team, members of the church and visiting speakers.  (Our services are recorded and are available on our RESOURCES page).

We’d love to see you…

Join us on Sunday mornings 10:30am for worship, Jesus centred teaching and Holy Spirit times of ministry…If you need more info Get in Touch

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